The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of DC celebrates the hard work and dedication of our Companions with the following honors

Ephraim Kirby Award

This prestigious award serves as an opportunity for the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International to recognize extraordinary Companions who have attained past presiding rank in their Grand York Rite bodies (Lodge, Chapter, Council, Commandery); and who have then gone on to continue their work and commitment to service far beyond the term of their office and the normal boundaries of dedication.

Teko A. Foly, PGM, PGHP, PMIGM, REPGC, 2014
Marcus A. Trelaine, PGHP, 2015
George S. Nicol, PGHP, REGPC, 2016
Gerald W. Peeters, REGPC, 2017
Harold L. Grainger, PGHP, 2018
Robert H. Starr, PGHP, 2019
James W. Mitchell, PGHP, REPGC, 2020
Rev. Canon Daniel D. Darko, PGHP, PMIGM, 2021
Philip Palmer, Sr. 2022
Sheldon Arpad, PGHP 2024

Distinguished Service Medal in Gold

Instituted in 1951, the Distinguished Service Medal in Gold is the most prestigious decoration awarded at the Triennium to individuals by the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International. The award recognizes consistent and extraordinary meritorious service over a period of years to the public and/or has consistently demonstrated exemplary contribution to Capitular Masonry well beyond expected performance, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.

Marcus Trelaine, PGHP

Distinguished Service Medal in Bronze

The Distinguished Service Medal in Bronze (DSMB), offered by the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, International (GGCRAMI), is an excellent modus to recognize the leadership, commitment, and resolve of Companions that dedicate their time to ensure the bond of their word; that establish all their actions and deeds as honorable; and demonstrate unyielding faithfulness to the tenets of Royal Arch Masonry. Yet, as these Companions sojourn through Capitular Masonry, awards and titles are not the primary markers of their success. For them, there is no road too rugged or honor too distant to the Companion who labors in the noble and glorious undertaking of rebuilding the House of the Lord without the hope of fee or reward. It is for these reasons GGCRAMI reserves award of the DSMB to those Companions that do not currently serve as an elected Officer of a Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, or earned the exalted title of Past Grand High Priest. Any other qualifications, limitations or restrictions shall be imposed by the Grand Chapter as it may deem appropriate.

Harold Grainger, PGHP: 1986
Philip J. Palmer, Sr: 2011
Robert H. Starr, PGHP: 2015
Marcus Trelaine
Bruce Gilbert
Teko Foly: 2017
Emmanuel Findlay: 2018
Nicholas J. Sampogna: 2019
Charbel T. Fahed, PGHP: 2020
Patrick N. Nnaji: 2021
Elijah C. Mills, 2022

Sweetheart Award

The General Grand Chapter “Sweetheart Award” is available to all Royal Arch Masons as a way to show appreciation for the support and encouragement their Ladies provide to our Craft throughout the years of a Companion’s service to Capitular Masonry.

Vickie Starr: 2010
Gladys M. Palmer: 2015
Matilda Taylor: 2018

Harold Grainger Metal

The recipient of this prestigious award has shown exemplary dedication and commitment to the principles of royal Arch Masonry in the District of Columbia. Through their outstanding service, they have demonstrated leadership, integrity, and a deep understanding of the values that define this honorable organization. Their contributions have not only enriched the Masonic community but have also inspired other to follow in their footsteps. The recognition is a testament to their unwavering devotion and tireless efforts in upholding the traditions and teachings of Royal Arch Masonry.

Bernard James Michels 2024

Meritorious Companions Award

The recipient of this award has demonstrated passionate and dedicated service to his Chapter has rendered exceptional service to Royal Arch Masonry

Gerhard Meinzer 2003
Joel R. Kahn 2004
Robert H. Starr 2009
Rick Chandler 2011
Douglas N. Cohen 2013
Philip Palmer, Sr 2013
Bernard J. “Bud” Michels 2014
Philip Palmer, Jr. 2014
Gerald W. Peeters 2014
Peter W. Brusoe
Win Keller
Marcus Trelaine
Robert Yaasi: 2018
Anthony Pandolfo: 2018
Solomon Jackson: 2018
Caroll Jefferson Collins 2019
Jean Paul Dongmo, Sr. 2019
Chris B. Ruli 2019
Patrick Logsdon 2020
Annas F. Kamara 2020
Charbel T. Fahed, PGHP 2020
Mark A. Wright 2020
Fitzgerald O. Williams 2020
Neilbert Knights 2020
Adam N. Tager: 2021
Roger E. Cundiff: 2021
Daniel D. Darko: 2021
Kevin L. Coy: 2022
John C. Constanza: 2022
Eloi K. Kpamegan: 2022